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                      Address:Building B10,Huachuang Animation Park,Jinshan Village,Shiji Town,Panyu District,Guangzhou,China
                      Email: sales@gzsonic.com

                      Move To New Factory
                      發布時間:2015-09-21 09:24:00 點擊:
                          On the morning of Augest 13th ,2014,Supersonic held a grand ceremony at the new factory.Around 70 staff gathered in Huangchuang Animation Park and witnessed this very moment.
                      During the ceremony,chairman delivered an important speech to appreciate every staff in company.After that,the duputy general manager and technical director also gave an encouraging speech.
                          After the speech,the opening ceremony began,then all the staff visited the new factory in sequence,the duputy general manager explain the environment layout himself.
                      The new factory is located in the Huachuang Animation Park,Jinshan Village,Shiji Town,Panyu District,Guangzhou which is 2000 square meters.We have wide workshops with great environment,advanced and practical R&D Center.Dozens of industrial camera,colorful light sources,proper testing platforms and many foreign brand of robots.In particular,we provide an entertainment room which is comfortable for staff after work.There are also various drinks and relaxed games equipments inside.
                          From YanLing to University Town
                          From University Town to Dongshun Industrial Area
                          From Dongshun Industrial Area to Huachuang Animation Park
                          From 2010 to 2012
                          From 2012 to 2014
                          From several people to over 10 people
                          From over 10 people to over 70 peole
                          From over 70 people to over 140 people
                          Supersonic has gone forward fast to improve global industrial production automatic level.
                          Supersonic will keep on advancing and lead to the great future!