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              Address:Building B10,Huachuang Animation Park,Jinshan Village,Shiji Town,Panyu District,Guangzhou,China
              Email: sales@gzsonic.com

              Landing On the Tai Wan Island
              發布時間:2015-10-25 12:09:00 點擊:

              From October 21st to 23rd ,the 16th TPCA Show is exhibited in Nangang Exhibition Center,Guangzhou Supersonic attended the national PCA exhibition in public the first time.

              In the exhibition scene,Guangzhou Supersonic showed our independent and innovative global fastest solution of equipments of PCB process supply chain,providing the visitors immediate interaction and various choices.Meanwhile,we can be approved by many foreign Taiwan,JP enterprises which means a new birth of Chinese robot equipment!

              Walking along the road,the new has come.Guangzhou Supersonic has insisted in the development of robot industrial automatic equipment.Initially several founders insisted on it and until now we have around 200 people team which lays a good foundtation for Chinese indusrtrial equipment area.It’s a strong basis to the international market that the automatic FPC reining forcing machine has gone out of China.

                 Supersonic:Leave work to machine,happinessto human!