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                                  CONTACT US

                                  Address:Building B10,Huachuang Animation Park,Jinshan Village,Shiji Town,Panyu District,Guangzhou,China
                                  Email: sales@gzsonic.com

                                  Supersonic Qualified For Rematch
                                  發布時間:2015-09-14 17:39:00 點擊:

                                  From July 1st to Augest 31st, the 3rd China Innovation Enterpreneur Match(Guangdong Provincedistrict) and 2nd Guangdong “Zhujiang Angel Cup” Science InnovationEnterpreneur Match was proceeding positively.After participating in thematch,Supersonic has prepared for the material like PPT,Videos,etc seriously.Competingwith other enterprises,Supersonic won the second place in Panyudistrict,qualified for the rematch successfully.

                                  China Innovation Enterpreneur Match is anational enterpreneur match held by Chinese science and technologydepartment,education department,finance department and ACFIC(All ChinaFederation of Industry and Commerce) with a theme of “Science and technologyinnovation achieves career”.It is the most authoritive enterpreneur match.Thematch is undertaken by Torch High Technology Industry Development Center OfScience And Technology, Technology Innovation Fund Management Center, Scienceand Technology Daily and Shanxi Modern Science And Technology VentureFoundation ,has already been approved by  Central Committee of theCommunist Youth League,The Party Central Committee, SAFEA(State Administrationof Foreign Experts Affairs), CNPC(China National PetroleumCorporation),China Merchants Band andobtained their support.