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            Address:Building B10,Huachuang Animation Park,Jinshan Village,Shiji Town,Panyu District,Guangzhou,China
            Email: sales@gzsonic.com

            Supersonic Qualified For The China Innovation Enterpreneur In National Level
            發布時間:2015-09-13 16:12:00 點擊:

            [Overview]Recently according to 3rdChina Innovation Enterpreneur Match(Guangdong Province district) committee, GuangzhouSupersonic Automation Technology Co.,Ltd had strength all the way through,qualifiedfor the Innovation Enterpreneur in national level.

            On Augest 28th ,2014,sponsoredby Torch High Technology Industry Development Center Of Science And TechnologyScience and Technology Department of GuangdongProvincethe 3rdChina Innovation Enterpreneur Match(Guangdong Province district) and 2ndGuangdong “Zhujiang Angel Cup” Science Innovation Enterpreneur Match whichlasted for 2 days had come to the end.

            China Innovation Enterpreneur Match dividedinto District Match and Final Match. Guangzhou Supersonic Automation TechnologyCo.,Ltd had prepared for the match material seriously since participated in thematch,made 100% efforts to compete with other enterprises.

            SuperSonic passed District match as “PanyuDistrict 2nd” and still did lots of preparsion for the comingmatches.During the rematch,SuperSonic honored “China Innovation EnterpreneurMatch(Guangdong District) Outstanding Enterprise”.

            After that,the field due diligence ofcommittee came.SuperSonic became the only enterprise which qualified for thenational match in Guangzhou advanced manufacturing area.