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              CONTACT US

              Address:Building B10,Huachuang Animation Park,Jinshan Village,Shiji Town,Panyu District,Guangzhou,China
              Email: sales@gzsonic.com


              Development history

              In March 2019, won "supervisorunit" of Guangzhou science and technology finance promotion association.

               In August 2018,successfully entered the 7thnational competition of China innovation and entrepreneurship competition andachieved excellent results

               In May 2018,won the "Top 20 InnovationCraftsman Awards"

               In September 2017,won the "GuangzhouScience and Technology Innovation Certificate"

               In September 2017,won the "GuangdongProvince Machine Vision Engineering Research Center"

               In December 2016,won the "GuangdongInnovative Enterprise in 2016 "

               In October 2016,Won the second prize of the5th China Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Guangdong Division)

               In April 2016,won the "Most GrowthPotential Award on NEEQ" and "Star Enterprise Award on NEEQ"

               In March 2016,IPO

               In December 2015,won the "Guangzhouenterprise research and development institute"

               In November 2015,won the title of "top100 innovative SMES of China 2015"

               In October 2015,successfully listed thenational stock transfer system for small and medium-sized enterprises

              In May 2015,Certified by "occupationalhealth and safety management system", "environmental managementsystem", "quality management system"

               In April 2015,successfully remolding withthe stock system and The company officially became a joint stock limitedcompany

               In November 2014,the launch of preparingfor the listing on NEEQ

               In August 2014,won the title of"excellent enterprise" in the 3th China innovation andentrepreneurship competition (Guangdong Division) and the 2th "pearl riverangel cup" innovation and entrepreneurship competition

               In June 2014,the company has passed thetechnology innovation base project of Guangzhou technology-based small andmedium-sized enterprises, project number: 2014J4200069

               In February 2014,the first large - scalemechanical automatic production line for uncovering card books was successfullydeveloped.

               In January 2014,authorized by Shanghai Functionphotoelectric technology co., LTD

               In October 2013,obtained the agency rightof Beijing image vision technology branch of China Daheng (group) co., LTD

               In October 2013,the company established theautomation department

               In August 2013,Guangzhou technologyinnovation fund for small and micro enterprises innovation project successfullyapproved

               In July 2013,awarded with the nationalhigh-tech enterprise identification certificate no. : GR201344000248

               In February 2013,obtain image automaticidentification software V2.0 software product registration certificate, no. :Guangdong DGY-2013-0236

               From December 2012 to February 2013,obtained7 software product registration certificates

               In October 2012,obtain image automaticidentification software V.10 software product registration certificate, no. :Guangdong DGY-2012-1142

               In January 2012,set up a machine visionresearch and development center with Guangdong University of Technology

               In July 2010,Supersonic company officiallyestablished

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